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The Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program™ is an Australian developed childbirth education program with a difference. Not only do we provide a comprehensive and complete childbirth education, we also help parents to confidently prepare for their best birth by teaching hypnobirthing skills so that you can remain relaxed and birth with calm.

There is no pendulum waving in this class! Our program is evidence-based, and we only provide the most up-to-date information, delivered in a straight-forward and easy to understand manner. When it comes to birth the more you know the less you fear!

The hypnobirthing techniques that we teach are down-to-earth and easy to learn. We encourage support partners to attend training and incorporate them into the techniques; they won't be left in the dark about how to support you during birth! However, the techniques are easily adaptable if you birth without a support person. After all, your body and your baby know how to work together. Together you make a perfect team. 

You might be wondering what the 'hypno' part is about. It's simply a very natural, deep relaxation skill that we teach you as just one of the various evidenced-based techniques you will learn.

What hypnobirthing is NOT about is adhering to a certain type of birth. We promote and provide the tools for a positive birthing experience. When a mother and her support person can approach birth without fear and with knowledge, good support and the tools to

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remain calm and relaxed, then any birth can be a positive birth, including births with interventions or a caesarean section. In fact, we offer a world first positive caesarean course!

Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program
08 Aug, 9:00 am
Peaceful Hub
Because birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear!

What's included?

  • 12 hours of face-to-face tuition for you and your support person

  • Over $100 worth of certified Hypnobirthing Australia materials including:

    • A 60-page professionally presented folio of evidence-based resources that are suited to Australian culture and our current models of care

    • Access to additional online resources including extra birth videos, home study videos, research links, pdf's and more. 

    • An eBook

    • Several professionally recorded Hypnobirthing Australia tracks by a qualified, Australian hypnotherapist

  • Personal, additional support as needed

  • Morning and afternoon tea

  • Amazing value for the biggest day of your life!

How is the course delivered and can it be flexible?

The course consists of four units (3 hours for each unit) which are typically delivered over two full weekend days. I usually allow a week in-between each full day so you have time to digest the information and prepare any questions for the following week.  

There are options if the scheduled class does not fit in with you. These include having a private session, or doing half online and half in person. I'm flexible as I am passionate about helping parents achieve their best birth. Please contact me to discuss flexible options that might work for you. 

When is the best time to attend classes?

Anytime is possible! However between 20-30 weeks is ideal so you have ample time to practice the techniques. 

If you do it later though that is also not a problem. The most important thing is that you have something under your belt rather than nothing. I personally have taught two mothers at 37 weeks. 

How much does it cost?

Group sessions: $499 for yourself and a support person which includes all the package details listed above. I keep my classes small so I can ensure you get the most our of your training. Amazing value! 

Private sessions: $770 with full course inclusions delivered privately and flexibly in the comfort of your own home.  

Bump Buddies: $499 per person for hypnobirthing training delivered privately in your home with one or more additional birthing mothers. 

Hypnobirthing + Yoga: $540 for group hypnobirthing training and a 5 class yoga pass

Payment plans are available. I don't offer a set payment plan as I prefer to work with each individual and their circumstances. Please contact me to discuss the best option for you. 

Refund Policy

A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot as places are limited. The entire course fee is due 7 days prior to the course start date. If you withdraw you are entitled to a refund (less the non-refundable deposit) up to the course start date or you may change to a later course date. All changes must be made in writing to 

In the unlikely event that classes are cancelled you are entitled to a full refund, including the deposit, or you may move your booking to a later course. 

In the instance of a lockdown the course may be delivered live online or may be transferred to a later date upon agreement with all attendees and the event venue. 

Our next session:

Sunday 8th August & Sunday 15th August

Course runs over two days

9:00 - 4:00 both days

@ Peaceful Hub 

15 Lascelles Street Brighton Q 4017