Our Heart Womb Connection

Did you know that there is a link between the heart and the womb? I love to practice this breathing exercise with my pregnant mums as a way to bond and send our love to our babies.

  • Closing down your eyes, and sit in a comfortable position with your left hand over your heart and your right hand over your womb, at whatever height is right for you.

  • As you exhale send your breath and awareness down to your womb, feeling the warming where your hand is resting. Maybe you can feel your baby moving and responding to your touch?

  • As you inhale send that breath and awareness back to your heart, feeling the pressure and warmth of your hand.

  • Inhaling sending the breath and the love from your heart down to your baby. Visualising your baby in your belly receiving your loving energy.

  • Exhale, sending your baby's love for you to your heart.

  • Continue with this easy breathing and awareness for as long as you feel comfortable. You might find that the length of the practice becomes longer and longer. 

  • When you have finished your practice bring your palms to press together at your heart, in a prayer position, and take three more deep breaths.

  • Open your eyes. 

This is a beautiful practice to create a deeper connection to your baby and to 'check in' with baby after a busy day, those days where sometimes we can forget we are pregnant! It is also a great opportunity for mum to take some time for herself. 

I also used this breath during the birth of my last baby, as a way of letting him know that we were in this together, and to connect to my womb and the amazing job it was doing. 

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